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View comments from the print room

A Job Ticketing operator might add comments to your order while it is being processed. These comments can be:

  • informative - for example, there is a delay in the processing, the file type you have provided is not supported, your job has been rejected, or a quote or proof is ready for your approval
  • requests for you to provide more information - for example, the delivery address is incomplete, a quote for the order with a request for you to approve the cost, or a request to approve a proof.

When a Job Ticketing operator posts a comment on your order, an email notification is automatically sent to you. The email includes the recent comments as well as a Reply link. This link takes you directly to your order in the Job Ticketing User interface.

You can also view the comments from your order:

  1. Log in to the Job Ticketing User interface.
  2. Click Print Rooms & FabLabs.
  3. Click the order for which you want to view comments.
  4. Scroll to the Comments area at the bottom of the page.

All of the comments by both you and the Job Ticketing operator are displayed.