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PaperCut NG & PaperCut MF Manual


Advanced configuration

The Advanced Config tab of the Device Details page allows for some adjustments to the operation of the Multifunction Device. Platform-specific details are included in the individual documentation for each solution. The following list applies to all devices, irrespective of manufacturer.

  • ext-device.personal-account-charge-priority
    A comma-separated list of personal account names, when multiple personal accounts are enabled (refer to Configure multiple personal accounts), used to charge for the job unless the job is already allocated in the Print Provider.
    The order of accounts in this list overrides the order specified by the administrator in the personal accounts administration page. If only one account is listed then only that account can be charged on the device.

To find out about all of the other advanced config keys and their descriptions, speak with your PaperCut Partner. They’ll be able to give you the PaperCut embedded manual for your MFD.