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PaperCut NG & PaperCut MF Manual


Configure an SMTP server for Google Workspace

There are two options for Google Workspace:

To configure the SMTP Relay option:

  1. Take note of the points below, then follow these Google Workspace instructions to configure the relay in your Google environment:

    • In Allowed Senders, do not choose Any Addresses because PaperCut NG/MF does not support it.

    • In Authentication; select Only accept mail from the specified IP addresses.

      To set up the relay, you need to provide a static IP address in the relay settings (setup steps are included in the Google instructions).

      • This address needs to be the static, public address that Google Workspace sees the Application Server sending the request from. If you’re unsure, you will need to contact your networking team or your ISP to find this information.

      • Depending on your network setup, you may be able to use a free tool to find your ‘public’ facing IP address provided by your ISP.

      • If you have a more complex network setup you will need to find out which public address your PaperCut Application server is using. You may also be using this address to present to ‘external components’ within your PaperCut configuration.

      • Please note that you do NOT need to make your PaperCut Application Server publicly accessible to use the relay option.

    • In Authentication make sure that Require SMTP Authentication is not checked.

  2. Select Options > Notifications.

  3. In the SMTP Server Options area, select Custom.

  4. In the Host field, type

  5. In the Encryption dropdown, either select None or the encryption type you prefer. The Port value will update automatically depending on which encryption type is chosen.

  6. Leave the username and password fields blank.

  7. In the Email Options area, in the From addressfield type an email address from your domain.

  8. Click Apply.