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Configure Job Ticketing

Now that you are familiar with how Job Ticketing works, it’s time to configure Job Ticketing to meet your print room’s needs. Even though Job Ticketing works out-of-the-box, you will likely want to tweak it to suit your own requirements.

To configure Job Ticketing:

  1. Manage rooms
  2. Configure room contact details
  3. Configure delivery options
  4. Define the Workflow
  5. Configure email notifications
  6. Personalize an operator profile

All of the Job Ticketing configuration is done via configuration files. These files are either in markdown (*.md) or JSON (*.json) format, depending on what you are configuring. We recommend you use a text editor that supports syntax highlighting and JSON parsing (for example, ATOM).

For more information about JSON, see:

For more information about markdown, see: