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Job Ticketing manual


Job Ticketing Overview

A quick overview of the PaperCut MF Job Ticketing application.

This video explores Job Ticketing at a high level, and shows you how it all works.

Configure room details

Want to know how to configure your print room details in Job Ticketing?

This video goes over how to do just that.

Define the workflow

Want to know how to define your Job Ticketing workflow?

Watch this video to find out how.

Define the delivery options

Looking to configure some delivery options in Job Ticketing?

This video goes over the ins and outs of delivery options.

Create products

Creating product in Job Ticketing is nice and easy.

This video will guide you through setting up your own products.

Configure cost scripts

Let us guide you through how to configure cost scripts in Job Ticketing.

This video goes over everything you’ll need to know.

Going live with Job Ticketing

So you’ve configured Job Ticketing and you’re ready to go live. Great!

What next?