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Configure Integrated Scanning notifications

You can configure notifications to be delivered to users for different scan job events. For example, you can set up a notification to be sent to a user if a scan job fails. Notifications can be sent by email , displayed in the PaperCut MF client, or for Windows users, displayed in a popup message.

You can set up notifications for the following events:

  • the scan delivery is complete

  • the scan job failure

  • the first attempt at a scan delivery fails

  • scan job exceeds a maximum job size limit

For each of these notifications, you can set the following details:

  • whether or not the notification is enabled

  • the subject of the notification

  • the message contained in the notification

  • whether or not the notification is:

    • displayed in the PaperCut MF User Client

    • displayed in a Winpopup

    • emailed to the user.

    For more details about these three notification types, take a look at Configure system notifications

By default, all notifications are set to on and the message is sent to the User Client and by email.

  1. Go to Devices > Scan Notifications.

  2. Deselect any notifications you don’t want to be sent.

  3. Make any changes you require to the subjects and message contents.

  4. Select and deselect the message delivery methods.

  5. Click Apply.