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PaperCut NG & PaperCut MF Manual


Release Stations and Find-Me printing

If a copier is a Multifunction Device and is configured as a print Release Station, you can define the operation of the Release Station. Devices providing print release functionality display a button to release all pending print jobs. On some devices, the visibility of this button is configurable. For information about Release Stations, see Secure print release.

For Multifunction Devices, you can configure the following Secure Print Release set ups:

Prevent jobs being released to a device in error

When a device is in error, print jobs can get lost, refunds might be needed, and highly-sensitive documents could be compromised. Support demands can quickly escalate when you have to deal with frustrated users on top of resolving the error.

PaperCut MF gives you the ability to choose whether or not users can release jobs to devices that are reporting an error. If you choose to block jobs from being released to a device reporting an error, a message is displayed on the Print Release screen on supported devices indicating that the job has not been released, as well as directions for how to resolve the error. The user can then choose to either resolve the error or release to an alternative MFD in a Find-Me environment.

Not only do you have the control to block users releasing jobs when an error is reported, but when used in combination with the System Health Monitoring interface, you can be notified when devices go into error so you can resolve the issue quicker, further improving user experience.

By default, this functionality is not switched on. For more information, see Prevent jobs being released from an MFD Release Station when a device is in error