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Why is Print Deploy awesome?

You’d think by now the task of enabling users to print a document would be easy, especially because printing has been around for decades.

But using traditional methods, it just isn’t. And some global trends are actually making this task more complex than it was 10 years ago.

Three figures, two sitting and one standing, each holding a laptop.

Print Deploy makes managing modern print environments a breeze

Unlike traditionally managed print environments, modern print environments can keep up with global trends like these:

  • The workforce is much more mobile
    More staff are working from different branches, campuses, or stores. The expectation is for this movement to be seamless, including printing should just work.

  • Staff get a choice of what type of computer they use
    Ten years ago you would typically hand a new staff member their Windows laptop. Now, before a staff member joins most organizations ask them what laptop they would like to use, whether it is Windows laptop, Mac, or even a Chromebook.

  • Print servers are on the decline
    Branches, especially smaller ones, often don’t set up server infrastructure. With this trend, organizations are also getting rid of their print servers in branches.

  • The age of G Suite and Azure AD is upon us This is placing identity management firmly in the cloud. With over five million organizations already using G Suite (2019), and Azure AD managing over 700 million users, it’s obvious that this is the defacto method of managing user identities and resources. Up to now, in order to deploy printing via a traditional server you’ve had to deploy a local Active Directory to manage your users locally and then sync them back up to the cloud. This is stopping millions of customers from getting the true benefit of their cloud directory.

Print Deploy addresses all these trends and makes the managed print environment a breeze, to, well, manage. It gets the right printer drivers and the right print queues to the right people in the right location—automatically.

Print Deploy is comprehensive and secure

Look under Print Deploy’s hood and you’ll also find:

  • the ability to deploy native drivers, including default settings (for example, grayscale, duplex etc.), and capabilities (for example, stapling, hole punching etc.)
  • a single way of managing print queues for Windows, macOS, Linux and Chromebooks
  • support for print server and print serverless environments
  • choices on which print queues to make available to users based on where they are (IP range) and who they are
  • self service for users—the flexibility for users to choose the print queues to install themselves (v1.3 of Print Deploy)
  • automatic updates; no need to manually update the print server or Print Deploy clients
  • secure and encrypted user authentication without the need for the device to join the domain.
  • secure print release, even on computers printing directly to printers.