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PaperCut NG & PaperCut MF Manual



PaperCut MF monitors photocopiers by either using third-party hardware terminal devices connected to the copier, or by making use of the internal “embedded” monitoring functions and display panels offered by some copier models. PaperCut MF connects to these devices to determine how much copying is performed, and deny copier usage if the user has no credit available.

On selected models with internal “embedded” monitoring functions, PaperCut MF additionally monitors fax and scanning activity as well as deny faxing or scanning when the user is out of credit.

If the copier is also a printer (e.g. a Multifunction Device), then PaperCut MF makes it possible to use the connected hardware terminal devices or internal display panels as a Release Station, avoiding the need for dedicated PC-based Release Stations.