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🔎 Admin console: Print Security

Features like access control, secure print release (how your users can release their print jobs, including mobile-app release methods), and watermarking with digital signatures come as standard. PaperCut Hive adds the ability to release your jobs or track copying and scanning from your MFDs too.

icon Securing your print environment

Reduce Waste

🔎 Admin console: Reduce Waste

Everyone dreams of a paperless office but comes to terms with it being a team effort to get it to a less-paper place. The Reduce Waste features let you promote 2-sided printing and black and white printing, provide users with timely warnings (for when someone’s about to mistakenly print a 172,000 page document) and other friendly cost-saving tips that don’t have to annoy everyone in the meantime!

icon Reduce printing waste - toner, paper and trees!

​​​​​​Easy Printing

🔎 Admin console: Easy Print & Scan

An easy setup and printing onboarding process that doesn’t involve desk visits or complex group-policy wrangling. Quickly set up your users to print from any device (Chromebooks, Android, macOS, iOS, and Windows devices) so that they can walk up to any printer to release their job.

icon Configure easy printing

Integrated Scanning

🔎 Admin console: Easy Print & Scan

Centrally create Quick Scan actions on the PaperCut Hive admin console and deploy them across multiple printers in the organization. (PaperCut Hive only.)

icon Configure Integrated Scanning

icon Secure printing overview

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icon Integrated Scanning overview