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Print document previews and print job thumbnails

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🔎 Admin console: Print Security > Privacy & Compliance > Thumbnail visibility

Do you have lots of documents that are named similarly but are completely different? If so, to help identify which document is which in the mobile app (or if you’re using PaperCut Hive on the device), you can take a quick peek at the thumbnail of the print job to see a preview of what the first page of the job looks like.

Photo showing the Pocket and Hive mobile app on a phone, displaying the print job preview along with job release options.

When using the mobile app, the print job thumbnail shows you which document is which at a quick glance.

From a security point of view, it can also be useful for administrators to review whether people are abusing the print system or printing out something that they shouldn’t be. Having this extra view of what’s being printed (without being too invasive) can be a good policy for peace of mind.

You have 3 privacy choices:

Privacy option


Admin & user

The print preview thumbnails appear for users printing through their mobile app and, if they’re using PaperCut Hive, through their device login. The thumbnails also appear for SysAdmins looking at the job log in the admin console.

Print user only

The print preview thumbnails appear for users printing through the mobile app; however, the administrator will not see any preview thumbnails in the admin console job log.

No one

No job preview thumbnails are generated or stored for either the user or the administrator. If you are concerned about security, if you or your users might print highly sensitive documents, and you don’t want a preview thumbnail of any kind being stored in the cloud, this is the option for you!

Screenshot showing a view of the administrator's 'job log' screen - along with the print document previews.

The administrator view of the job log showing the print job thumbnail.


Can I disable print job thumbnails completely?
Absolutely - just change the Thumbnail of print job setting detailed above to Disabled, which means that no thumbnails get generated at all, either for the user, or the administrator. Your secrets are safe.
Do print document thumbnails get uploaded to the cloud?
If you have selected either of the Enabled options for your Thumbnail of print job setting, then the thumbnail will be uploaded to the cloud - so that it’s accessible for users and/or administrators. If you have selected Disabled, no thumbnails get generated at all, so the thumbnail will not be uploaded to the cloud.

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