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Assigning administrator level access

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PaperCut NG/MF sets up one administrator account called admin. This is the built-in administrator account, with access to all features, whose password is assigned during the configuration wizard. In large organizations it is likely that administrator level access is granted to more than one person. One solution is to give all persons the built-in admin account password; however, the recommended approach is to assign administrator rights to these individual’s network user accounts. The advantages of this approach are:

  • They can access the administration pages using their own username and password (they don’t have to remember another password!).

  • You can assign different levels of administrator access to different users. PaperCut NG/MF includes an advanced Access Control List (ACL) allowing different administrators access to different functions and areas of the application.

  • Most activity is audited so changes can be sourced to an individual.

For more information see Assign administrator level access .