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Configure user alerts about printer errors

This page applies to:

    🔎 Admin console: Print Security > Printer Errors

To configure alert that tell users there’s a problem with the printer they’ve selected to print to:

  1. In the admin console, click Print Security > Printer Errors. The Printer Errors panel is displayed.

  2. Click the level  of alert you want for your users:

    OffNo warnings or alerts at all. 
    WarnShow a customized warning message to the user, but let them decide if they want to continue to release their print job or not.
    StopShow the alert to the user and don’t let them continue to release the job to the printer that is in error.
  3. In the Message to users box, either keep the default message or type your own tailored to your organization.

  4. Click Save changes.

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