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PaperCut Pocket and Hive manual


Troubleshooting the print release process

Print release issues are generally caused by one of two things.

  1. If the Edge Node(s) can’t communicate with the destination printers (or to the other Edge Nodes that can communicate with the printers).
  2. If the printer itself is having issues with the format of the print job.

Try testing a print job without Papercut’s involvement. Setup a print queue directly to the printer using the same protocol that you expect to work for PaperCut (either an IPP queue if that’s what should be working in your network or a queue if that’s what should be working).

If you’re in a bind and you just need to get printing up and running ASAP, you could potentially work around any submission issues by adding another submission method for the printer - so if you use IPP, you can add a queue, and if you’re on queue printing, add IPP if it’s available.

There’s a bit more detail and some additional steps that you can take to test the system in our Some Jobs Failed to Print KB article. Take a look there to see if it helps narrow down where the issue is occurring- and, as always, reach out to your ASC or reseller for some extra input on the situation!