'Some jobs failed to print. Try again' error message

Welcome to PaperCut Pocket. We’re so glad you’re here. PaperCut Pocket is quite new and we’re busy building out some guides and FAQs to help you print better.

What is happening?

The print job you tried to release couldn’t release the print job as it may have trouble releasing it.

For administrators: If you have noticed this error, please check to see if the printer is online and try to print again. If the problem persists, try printing directly to the printer to see if the problem is isolated to the printer.

If printing succeeds when directly printing and not through the PaperCut system it may be because the method of printing, in this case, IPP may not be reliable. Consider adding a printer driver on a trusted Edge Node such as your Super Node to resume printing.

Have a question?

Let us know! We love chatting about whatโ€™s going on under the hood. Feel free to leave a comment below or visit our Support Portal for further assistance.

For more information about PaperCut Pocket and Hive, check out the PaperCut Pocket and Hive Help Center.

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