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PaperCut NG & PaperCut MF Manual


Automating secondary server deployment on Windows

The secondary server installation process can also be automated via command line switches issued to the installer program. This is useful when you need to install the Print Provider on a number of desktop systems hosting local attached printers.

To automate the installation:

  1. Copy the windows installer program, pcmf-setup.exe, into a directory accessible to the target systems (i.e. A network share or mapped drive).

  2. Copy the print-provider.conf file from main server. This file is located at [app-path]/providers/print/win. Place the file in the same directory as the install program (as performed in step 1.)

  3. Edit the print-provider.conf file and define the correct server name or IP address of the main Application Server in the line starting with ApplicationServer= .

  4. Use a batch file or equivalent to start the install program as follows:

    pcmf-setup.exe /TYPE=secondary_print /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES/VERYSILENT

    Note: The installer requires administrator level - needed to install a system service.