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Print Deploy lets you see which printers you can print to, and add other printers.

The My printers list shows the printers that have been automatically installed for you. These are likely to be the ones you’ll use the most.

However, depending on how your system is set up, there might also be other printers you can use.

SysAdmins often make other printers available if you move between different locations, or for using a special printer, like a plotter. You can find and install these printers via the Add printers list.

The first time you use Print Deploy, the My printers tab lists all of the printers that have been automatically installed. You can use any of these to print straight away. You can also install other printers .

After that the My printers tab lists all of the printers that have been automatically installed, and any printers that you have installed yourself using Print Deploy.

You can also search for printers listed in the My printers tab.

Install and use other printers

Depending on your organization’s setup, you might need to install other printers you’ve been given access to. For example, there could be a specific printer to use only if you move to a different location.

You can find and install these extra printers via the Add printers tab. You can always uninstall them later if you want to.

  1. Click Add printers.
  2. If you can’t see the printer you want in the list, search for it by name or location.
  3. Click Install for that printer.

The printer is now installed and added to the list on the My printers tab.

Get the latest and most up-to-date printers

At any time, to make sure you have the latest printers that your SysAdmin has set up for you, click Refresh at the top of the Print Deploy client screen. When you are signed out, your computer automatically retrieves the updates in the background.

Uninstall a printer

You can uninstall any print queue that has the Trash icon next to it. Just click the icon.

You can’t uninstall printers that are automatically installed on your computer.

If your SysAdmin changes a previously automatically installed printer to be optional, the next time your computer updates you’ll be able to uninstall the printer yourself.