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Troubleshooting issues with the installation, configuration and printing workflow

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Every system has its roadblocks. Sometimes it’s the network, sometimes it’s the clients that you’re installing on. There are a few points where you might experience policy or configuration conflicting with the use of your PaperCut Pocket or PaperCut Hive system.

First thing’s first - if you’re a user and you’re having a hard time with your PaperCut Pocket or PaperCut Hive experience, reach out to your organization’s IT Support - feel free to send them this article to get them pointed in the right direction!

In general, if you experience issues, you’ll notice them during one of the following areas of use:

Illustration showing the different stages of printing, including installing the software, discovering printers, submitting your print job and releasing your print job.

Some areas where printing can go wrong, from the software installation through to releasing your print job.

This topic covers troubleshooting for

It also cover how to use important troubleshooting tools: