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Troubleshooting job submission issues, or ‘pressing print!’

This page applies to:

“My Jobs aren’t showing up for release”

Test cloud access

Make sure that your nodes can speak to the cloud. The full details of the required cloud endpoint connectivity can be found in the system requirements.

Try a telnet-test out to (see below for examples). telnet 443

If the test is successful you should see:

Screenshot of telnet connection screen. The window shows no text returned because the test is successful and there is no error.

An example of a successful telnet test.

If the test is unsuccessful you’ll see an error:

Screenshot of telnet connection screen. The screen shows ..Could not open connection to the host, on port 443: Connect failed.

An example of an unsuccessful telnet test.

Test network connectivity between nodes

Verify that the different nodes on your network can communicate with each other. Try to see if you can access the status page for a few of the Edge Nodes in your network. Prioritize this check against any Super Nodes that you may have in the environment.

To access the status page, open a web browser on a computer on the network, and open: https://[other-node-ip]:9264/status - where [other-node-ip] is the IP address of another node that should be online and accessible from the computer that you’re testing on.

If this succeeds, you should see a JSON-formatted page with some information about your Edge Mesh - including some version numbers and Organization ID. To be extra confident in this test, repeat it with a few different pairs of Edge Nodes on your network.

If that doesn’t work, check the Firewall ports and networking section to make sure that all the required ports are open to let the different nodes communicate with each other.

If a job is having problems getting submitted into the Edge Mesh, we’ll want to take a look at the print client service on the machine that’s having issues. Verify that the pc-print-client-service shows up in your Task Manager or Command Center. If this part is not running, you can try to run it manually to see if it was a one-off issue. If you still experience issues, read through our Test Page Failed to Print article. If that doesn’t help, you may need to reach out to your reseller or PaperCut Partner for some additional input.