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Changing the name (hostname) or the IP address of a server is generally considered a high impact task and should be treated with some care (much more so than changing the IP of a workstation). Clients/workstations software (e.g. the PaperCut User Client) locate and communicate with the server by using a hostname and/or IP address stored in a configuration file. For correct operation, any hostname/IP address change should also be propagated to the following files:

Please see the example below:

  • file located in the client directory (client connection information stored in the same directory as the client executable):
    On Server:
    [app-path]/client/mac/ (control-click, Show Package Contents) Contents/Resources/
    On Locally Installed Clients: [client-install-path]/
  • file located in the release directory (release station connection information):
    On Server: [app-path]/release/
    On Locally Installed Stations: [client-install-path]/
  • The print provider config file located at: [app-path]/providers/print/win/print-provider.conf (Note: On windows, the print provider service must be restarted after changing this file)
  • The print provider config file located on any secondary server or future installed secondary server.
  • If running PaperCut MF you may also need to reconfigure the MFDs to point to the new server address. See the article How to configure embedded software after a server migration or an IP/Hostname change for instructions for each device platform.
  • PaperCut MF deployments may also have the advanced config key set, specifying a particular address for MFDs to preference when contacting the Application Server. It is wise to use the Advanced Config Editor to double-check the value of this config key. If the key’s value is blank, no change will be required.
  • If the hostname is being changed and you would like to keep the same printer entries in PaperCut afterwards (i.e. to preserve settings and print history), then the printers in PaperCut must be renamed. See the article How to Rename a Printer for more details.
  • If you have any Site Servers, then the server.master.address= setting in the file on each of those servers needs to be updated to point to the new primary serverís network address or hostname. See the Site Servers section of the Migrating PaperCut to a New Server article for more details.

Also consider:

  • The impact renaming the server may have on shared printers, or shared file paths.
  • The URLs used to access the PaperCut server for remote administration may need to change - inform other administrators.
  • Always take time to test the system in full after making the changes. You may find the PaperCut Post Upgrade Test Plan useful.

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