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PaperCut has special debug options which cause PaperCut to produce a very detailed text log of activity. The log allows our Support Team and Developers to inspect the internal workings of the PaperCut application and pinpoint the cause of problems. Enabling debug logging is only usually required or requested by the PaperCut Support Team.

Introduced in PaperCut version 15, the Site Server is an optional component which can be deployed to provide resiliency for a distributed deployment. In short, Site Servers can be deployed for each geographically disparate location (with appropriate licensing), each of which is then configured to synchronise with your primary Application Server over a WAN connection. In the event that the Application Server becomes unavailable, be it due to system failure or the WAN link going down, a Site Server will step up to maintain the majority of application services for local users. Site Servers ensures continuous availability of printing resources to support key business functions over unreliable network links or during unplanned network disruptions

If there is an issue with the Site Server availability, PaperCut wants to ensure that all the logs for the particular problem are captured. For this reason we have enabled debug mode by default on all Site Server from their first installation.

If you have been requested by the Support team to send the Site Server debug logs, start by logging on to the relevant machine, opening a file browser, and navigating to the following location, where [app-path] is the local PaperCut installation directory:


Identify every file in this directory with a name that begins with “server.log” or “service.log”, e.g.:


… and so on. Make a copy of all these files, and bundle them together into a zip file, ready to be provided to our Support Team. If in doubt, simply zip up the entire contents of the logs directory! These files will probably be too large to email, so if needed, ask us to provide you with a link that you can use to upload the zip archive to us directly.

Please include an explanation of the steps taken, along with any other other information requested by the PaperCut Team. If you can, record the following information:

  • Date and time of the print job that demonstrates the problem
  • Name of any printed documents
  • Username
  • Printer Hostname & IP Address
  • Client Machine Hostname & IP address that sent the job to the printer

All of this information will help the Support Team and Developers match up debug log entries with your test activity. Additional information such as what was observed or what was expected, screenshots or relevant videos are always appreciated!

Note that Site Servers also includes the Print Provider with it. If debug logging is required for the Print Provider which runs locally on the Site Server, this will still need to be enabled separately. The instructions for enabling debug for the Print Provider can be found here.

Disable debug in the Site Server

In case, you want to turn off debug in the Site Server, you can turn that off by opening the file and adding the following line to it.

After restarting the PaperCut Site Server Service, debug should be turned off in the server.log file that lives on the Site Server.

Please also see Reporting Problems

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