Printers supporting page-level color detection

What is Page-Level Color Detection?

This feature scans each page of a document for traces of color. The grayscale discount is applied to any grayscale pages, and other pages are charged at the printer’s standard rate. See Chapter 7 and All About Page-Level Color Detection for more information.

What print drivers are required for Page-Level Color Detection?

Currently, PaperCut NG can perform page-level color detection with many popular Page Description Languages used by print drivers. Including:

  • PostScript
  • PCL5
  • PCL6
  • HPGL
  • ESC/P
  • ESC/Page-Color
  • XPS

This combination covers about 95% of business style network printers. Many manufacturers offer PostScript and PCL drivers as well as proprietary ones - check your printer manufacturer’s website for availability. Where possible we suggest sticking to PostScript as this is the most mature and open standard and is the only environment that offers support for all major platforms.

PaperCut is not able to perform page-level color detection for proprietary page description languages like PCL3GUI. Print drivers like this may use non-documented and proprietary languages, which are often evolving and in many cases it’s not viable to support page-level analysis for these drivers. PaperCut supports page-level color detection on the EMF spool file format so page-level detection is possible on some GDI drivers that spool the jobs in EMF format - results may vary so testing is always required. At a minimum, document-level color detection is supported in many GDI devices.

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