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Easy printing from any platform!

You could have the most amazing printers in the world, but if it’s not easy to just ‘press print’ then people will quickly become frustrated.

PaperCut Pocket and PaperCut Hive act as the printing fairies for your printers. They won’t change toners, fix paper jams, or patch network cables, but they will help people print what they need - successfully - the first time.

Really this topic could just list all of the features that make things so much easier for users of PaperCut Pocket and PaperCut Hive. Like the ability for them to change their print job to 2-sided or black and white just before releasing it, because they forgot earlier! Or the sheer convenience of being able to walk confidently up to a printer to release their print job, find that it recently experienced a squid-ink attack (with a printer error warning notification), and without skipping a beat move on to the printer down the hall and release the job successfully within moments.

Instead, we’ll take a look at what’s stored away in the Easy Printing section for configuring the sign-up process - as well as some gifts for making the SysAdmin’s lives easier.

This topic covers:

  • Sign up process - Customize the sign-up process so that your users know how to print, how to collect their print jobs, and where to go for help!
  • Administrator Tools - Easy ways to print your printer labels, manage how your Edge Nodes discover printers, or get alerted to printers with low toner, so that you can catch things going wrong before your users do.

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