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  • Upgrading PaperCut MF to 22.0.5 or later with an existing Fujifilm Business device fleet

Upgrading PaperCut MF to 22.0.5 or later with an existing Fujifilm Business device fleet


UPDATE for 22.0.7

This KB article has been updated to reflect improvements to the upgrade process for PaperCut MF 22.0.7 or later with Fujifilm Business Innovation devices.

If you are upgrading from PaperCut MF 22.0.4 or earlier to 22.0.7 or later, the upgrade and redeployment of your FujiFilm BI device embedded software is automated and does not require any special planning or pre-upgrade preparation. As always, PaperCut recommends performing your upgrade outside your standard business hours.

The process will uninstall any existing device plugins and services, then install the new embedded software, regardless of the currently installed versions. This ensures the correct embedded software is installed on all supported devices.

Key reference materials:


The KB originally published for PaperCut MF 22.0.5, which was updated for 22.0.6, is available below for historical context, as the steps and considerations still apply if upgrading to PaperCut MF 22.0.5 or 22.0.6 with Fujifilm BI devices. We recommend however that you upgrade directly to PaperCut MF 22.0.7.

If your PaperCut MF server is running 22.0.5 or 22.0.6 after you completed the manual upgrade process described below the line, please note that upgrading to 22.0.7 will repeat the upgrade as part of the automated upgrade and redeployment process. No special planning or pre-upgrade preparation is required, as this process is entirely automated by the upgrade package.

If you have any existing Fujifilm Business Innovation or Fuji Xerox devices deployed within PaperCut MF installation, please read the following carefully BEFORE installing 22.0.5 or later on your PaperCut server.

Who is this article for?

You are:

  • a PaperCut MF customer with existing Fujifilm Business Innovation devices using the PaperCut embedded software


  • a PaperCut MF customer with existing Fuji Xerox devices using the PaperCut embedded software


  • an Authorized Partner providing implementation services to a customer with either of the above.

Important: What you need to know up front

If you’re using Fujifilm Business Innovation devices, upgrading to PaperCut MF 22.0.5 or later requires careful planning to ensure uninterrupted printing. You must contact your reseller for assistance before upgrading to PaperCut MF 22.0.5 or later.

If you’re using Fuji Xerox branded devices, upgrading to PaperCut MF 22.0.5 or later will not disrupt printing to these devices. From PaperCut MF 22.0.6 or later, it is possible to use the new Fujifilm BI 7+ embedded by trading back your existing licenses, then reconfiguring your devices in PaperCut MF. Please contact your reseller to initiate this process, which requires careful planning and a minimum firmware version to be installed on each device.

If you’re using Xerox branded devices, you are not affected by these changes, as your devices use a different PaperCut Embedded application.

Important: Upgrading to 22.0.5 or later requires careful planning. If you use Fujifilm Business Innovation devices, please contact your reseller for assistance before upgrading to PaperCut MF 22.0.5 or later.

What’s changed?

Fujifilm Business Innovation recently updated their device software for new and existing Fujifilm BI printers and MFDs. To be compatible with these changes, PaperCut MF 22.0.5 was released with a brand new Fujifilm BI AIP 7.0+ embedded app.

“Awesome news!” I hear you say. However there’s a caveat to this change:

For Fujifilm Business Innovation devices, you can’t use the new device type Fujifilm BI AIP 7.0+ together with the previous device type Fujifilm Business, on the same PaperCut server or MFD. That means we’ve had to deprecate the Fujifilm Business embedded software.

Existing Fuji Xerox branded devices will continue to function after upgrading to 22.0.5 or later without you needing to do anything. As mentioned above, these devices can be optionally reconfigured to use the new Fujifilm BI 7+ embedded software. Please contact your reseller if you wish to explore this option.

So what does this mean to me?

Well, if you upgrade your existing PaperCut MF server from 22.0.4 or earlier to 22.0.5 or later, you’ll see the following message on the screens of all your Fujifilm Business devices:

“This is not a Fuji Xerox device or was not registered correctly.”

You will need to replace the embedded on the device

To avoid this you should follow the quick guide below BEFORE you upgrade PaperCut MF to version 22.0.5 or later.

Important note about the card readers you use

The IC Card Reader B (Omnikey5127CK-Mini) card readers are the only card reader fully supported by the Fujifilm BI 7+ embedded software.

Do you use any other type of card reader? Are you planning to upgrade your Fuji Xerox branded ApeosPort devices to use the new Fujifilm BI 7+ embedded? Contact your reseller to check if they are compatible - you might need to replace them.

How to replace an embedded on a Fujifilm Business device

At a minimum, follow the steps below. However, if you’re a reseller we highly recommend that you also review the updated PaperCut MF - Fujifilm BI 7+ Embedded manual for more information on specific settings and considerations.

Before you upgrade to 22.0.5 or above, you need to delete all existing Fujifilm Business devices in PaperCut MF. Once the upgrade is complete, recreate the Fujifilm Business devices using the Fujifilm BI AIP 7.0+ device type.

  1. Go to Devices and select the device to delete.

  2. Take note of all of the settings and details that are unique to the device you need to delete, for example:

    • Any separate page costs
    • Which settings are tracked or controlled, for example, copy, fax, or scanning
    • The print release queue set-up details
    • Admin credentials to the device (especially the password)
    • Any device scripts enabled
    • Hint: A screen shot is a good idea.
  3. Click Actions > Delete this device. A confirmation message is displayed.

  4. Click OK.

  5. Upgrade your PaperCut MF server to 22.0.5 or above using our upgrade procedure.

  6. After your upgrade is complete, log in to PaperCut MF and go to Devices

  7. Click Actions > Create device and select Fujifilm BI AIP 7.0+.

    Note: If you have a site with many devices all configured the same, using Action > Create multiple devices might be a viable solution for you.

  8. Name the device. It can be the same as the one you deleted or a new name.

  9. Modify all the settings with the details you recorded in step 2 above.

  10. Click OK to embed.

Troubleshooting tips

  • Check the device has the latest version of firmware installed.
  • Ask your reseller for help.

Should the process end in errors, try to enable the force install keys:

  1. Go to Devices, select the device and click the Advanced Config tab.

  2. Change the following config keys to Y

    • ext-device.fujifilm.force-install-plugins
    • ext-device.fujifilm.force-install-reboot
    • ext-device.fujifilm.force-install-services
  3. Click Update or Update all.

  4. Go to the Summary tab and click Apply. (The copier might reboot more than usual.)

  5. After the device is embedded, change the keys back to N.

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Last updated February 3, 2023