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Managing your organization’s printing

Administration normally brings to mind paperwork, processes, and other kinds of stuff that makes you late for lunch. Administration doesn’t normally read you a story - but that’s exactly what PaperCut Pocket and Hive will do, to enable you to learn more about your organization’s printing habits.

In this section we walk through the Story Tree feature, as well as activity logs, audit trails, system logs, and print logs - whatever you prefer to call them!

This topic covers

  • Managing your users - The ‘user list’. Invite users, or remove them from your printing organization.

  • Managing your printers - The place to publish or unpublish your printers, rename printers or get more information on your printers.

  • Managing your Edge Mesh - Promoting Standard Nodes, demoting Super Nodes, enabling Cloud Nodes - learn all about the Mesh Magic and customize your environment if needed.

  • Print Logs and Reporting - See user and administrator activity, who’s changed what setting, who has printed what and when, and get an overview of how your printing life is looking!

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