Transitioning From Print Limit Pro to PaperCut

Welcome, Print Limit Pro customers, to PaperCut. PaperCut Software are the developers behind PaperCut and Print Limit Pro (OEM). NetOp and PaperCut are working together to provide Print Limit Pro users with continued support and new releases under PaperCut NG.

Print Limit Pro and PaperCut NG provide the same functionality and there is a simple migration path.

Why transition to PaperCut?

1. Access to new releases and updates. You are entitled to the version of PaperCut based on the “Software updates available until” date listed in the License Info area on the About tab of the Print Limit Pro Admin Console. All Print Limit Pro support contracts have expired. You can purchase a new license for PaperCut NG if needed.
2. Support direct from the developers. This means that PaperCut customers receive first class, comprehensive support.
3. Access to new features and modules such as payment gateways (integration with payment systems, for accepting credit card payments and similar) and tracking photocopying with PaperCut MF.

PaperCut will honor current existing Print Limit support arrangements. To access these benefits and support you will need to migrate your existing Print Limit Pro installation to PaperCut NG. If you do not have a current support contract please follow the instructions below. After migrating, the software will be visually different (green rather than red) but will provide the same functionality with all logs and settings maintained. To perform the migration:

Note: Please e-mail your current Print Limit Pro license file to and an up-to-date PaperCut license will be sent to you within 48 hours.

To renew your support when it is due please visit our online order system and follow the prompts to Renew or add maintenance and support (M&S). When prompted, please upload your existing Print Limit Pro license for your support fee to be calculated (and quoted) automatically. If you do not have a copy on hand, your license file can be recovered from the system on which Print Limit Pro is installed, at:


For assistance please see the Contact Us page for contact details.

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