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The PaperCut Not For Resale licence (also known as Not For Retail) is a special licence for PaperCut reseller usage only.

How to Use

The PaperCut NFR licence can be used by any authorised PaperCut reseller who has passed the PaperCut certification tests to demonstrate PaperCut in any sales situation:

  • Showrooms
  • Laptops
  • Exhibitions/trade shows
  • Within your organisation (it is always good to use the products you sell)

NOTE: There is NO limit to the number of instances you can use the same NFR licence, e.g. multiple showrooms, test labs, sales laptops, exhibitions, for internal use with you business

The NFR license should never be installed on an end-user, customer or potential customer site. The 40-day trial license (and any requests for extension if required) should be used for customer trials or on-site demo installs.

What’s Included in the NFR licence

  • 200 Users
  • 100 x Embedded for each MFP type
  • 100 x Release stations
  • 2 x Job Ticketing rooms

NOTE: The NFR license is active for a period of six months only, after this time you can create another.

How to Create

  • Log into your master PaperCut reseller portal and select “Access NFR licenses” on your PaperCut reseller portal home page
  • Select “Create new NFR” and add your name, or something that makes the NFR identifiable to you within your organisation so other colleagues know who created it.

How to Access

  • On the the same “Access NFR licenses” page, select “download” and save the licence to an appropriate location ready for uploading to your PaperCut installation.
  • The licence can be downloaded as many times as you like, until it expires.

How can other colleagues in your organization access the NFR licence

  • You should create additional user logins to the reseller portal, and they will be able to download and use the same NFR licence. Select the “add/remove logins” on your PaperCut reseller portal home page, select “create a new login”

NOTE: when creating a new login you can choose the level of access available:

  • Resources Only
  • Resources and Generate Quotes
  • Resources, Generate Quotes, and Place Orders

NOTE: Selecting “Resources Only” provides users access to the NFR licence and documentation and downloads - this login does not provide users access to any pricing.

What happens when the licence expires

  • Login to the core PaperCut reseller portal and complete the same process of creating a new licence, users will be able to use their own portal to log in to access and download the new licence.

Resellers can create and access their NFR license with their PaperCut Reseller Portal reseller login area.

How do I install an NFR license?

See Installing / Applying the supplied license file.

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