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Why can't I download PaperCut MF from the website?



Customers who use PaperCut NG (our industry-leading solution for print cost recovery) are encouraged to download the software from our website. If you use PaperCut MF (which provides embedded hardware support) then you’ll need to approach a qualified PaperCut MF reseller instead.

Here is how you can find your ASC/Reseller as per your region: How to buy PaperCut MF


PaperCut MF is designed to track “off the glass” activity such as copies, scanning and faxing. PaperCut MF is more complex than PaperCut NG because it has copier/hardware integration such as:

  • Embedded software that runs at the copier firmware level.
  • External card reader hardware integration
  • Copier terminal hardware support (for MFDs that don’t support embedded/onboard software)
  • Other forms of hardware integration such as cash handling equipment.

By developing the more complex PaperCut MF application, PaperCut Software is able to exploit these features to provide sophisticated workflows, Find-Me printing (a.k.a pull printing), flexible cost monitoring and many other features.

However there is a cost. Often these more complex devices need be to specially configured to integrate with the PaperCut application server, they may need to have application software loaded directly on the device and so on. As well as being an order of magnitude more complex than a population of printers, manufactures will often restrict access to various technical device features, that are used during the installation and setup, to qualified service personnel.

For this reason customers are best served by using the services of a qualified reseller who will provide the best opportunity to exploit the substantial investment in MFD that customers make. If you are looking for a print-only solution you can implement yourself then consider PaperCut NG.

Note: If you are an existing MF customer and are just looking to upgrade, you can access the latest version of MF by following the upgrade procedure documented <a href="" reseed-ignore class="urllink">here</a>.

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Last updated February 15, 2024