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Professional Services for PaperCut MF


The importance of Professional Services and the value Resellers provide

Powerful features of PaperCut MF

PaperCut MF goes way beyond just print. It has the ability to manage and track off-the-glass MFD activity, including scan, copy and fax via hardware-level integration. It delivers additional features like Device Scripting, OCR, Document Processing, Job ticketing for Print FabLabs, and third-party integrations.

Intelligent implementation

Installation of MFD embedded software solutions requires very specific device knowledge. The technical knowledge required also varies significantly from brand to brand (sometimes platform by platform) and model to model. A certified technician is required to enable key features before embedded software can be enabled.

The powerful features of PaperCut MF, or complex environments, is where great benefits can be achieved with an intelligent implementation.

Who provides Professional Services?

PaperCut has established a network of authorized partners and resellers around the world, who can provide professional services as a value-addition to a PaperCut implementation.

PaperCut certified resellers have the skills and experience to propose, deploy, and support configurations from large universities and hospitals to small professional offices. They can train your team, offer full turnkey support, or engage at any technical level that you require.

The Value of Authorized Partners and Resellers

  • They have great knowledge of print devices and embedded implementations across multiple device brands
  • IT Infrastructure and Architecture skills to provide quality design, implementation and maintenance services
  • Knowledge of the best ways to set PaperCut up in a variety of different and complex environments
  • Ensure a successful implementation and configuration
  • Project risks are minimized
  • Experience in developing integrations between PaperCut and existing customer systems
  • Extensive industry knowledge across Professional, SMB, Education, Healthcare and Government agencies

Please discuss the level of Professional Services required for your environment with your PaperCut reseller.

The level of Professional Services required will vary depending on the complexity of your environment and the number of devices in your fleet.

To give you an idea, this may include:

  • Scope of Work
  • Pre rollout planning
  • Installation of software and components
  • Configuration of embedded software on different print devices
  • Post rollout check-in and support

A typical PaperCut MFD/embedded deployment may involve:

  • Checking/updating device firmware
  • Enabling specific device features/modes via vendor-provided configuration tools or interfaces
  • Installing or enabling embedded software
    • Via web-upload
    • Via USB install
    • Via firmware configuration
  • Opening ports to allow device-specific communication
  • Configuring embedded devices within PaperCut
  • Device service codes and modes
  • Device-specific authentication configuration

So, as you can see it’s a lot more complex than the DIY product PaperCut NG.

A certified PaperCut Reseller or PaperCut Authorized Partner is essential for a successful installation and configuration of PaperCut MF. To make sure you, (the end customer) get the most out of the software you purchase.

If you have any questions you can reach us through the Customer Care Contact Form

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Last updated June 13, 2024