How Do I Migrate from Bear Solutions to PaperCut

This knowledge base article provides an overview/summary on how to migrate from Bear Solutions to PaperCut. Here are some steps that may help with you with your PaperCut installation.

Step 1: Import your balances

Since the data migration from Bear Solutions is a once off task, a simple batch import into PaperCut will do the job.

1. Export the Bear Solutions balances into a format that can be opened in Excel.
2. Make sure the username is in column one and the balance is in column two.
3. Save as a tab delimited text file (important that it’s tab delimited rather than CSV).
4. To import the file, log into PaperCut Admin, go to the Users tab, form the Actions menu, select Batch Import and then upload the file.
5. Job complete!

For more information on the batch import process, have a look over here.

Step 2: Import your shared accounts

1. Reach out to us at as we can advise how to extract this information from the database.
2. Create a Excel spreadsheet, column one needs to contain the parent shared account name. See the link over here. on how to import the shared accounts into PaperCut with a tab delimited text file.
3. Job done!

Step 3: Setting up your users to use the standard account selection (if required)

1. Log into PaperCut Admin, go to the Users tab, select the user account, under the Details sub-tab, scroll down to the Account Selection section. Here you can set the account selection you’d like to use. Have a look at the account selection popups section from the manual.
2. Instead of doing this manually for each user, we can fast track this by doing a bulk user action.
3. Done

Step 4: Integrate any existing payment gateways

1. To find out if your current payment gateway is supported, see the list of the Payment Gateways PaperCut support over here.
2. Not on the list? Reach out to us at Most Payment Gateways can be integrated with PaperCut via API’s, it often just takes a little discussion and some customization work.

If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us at


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