[Legacy] PaperCut Web Print can't load XPS files under Windows XP 64bit

Q I have installed the PaperCut Web Print Sandbox and the Microsoft XPS Essentials Pack to my Windows XP 64bit Machine but am unable to upload XPS documents. How do I fix this?

When the PaperCut Web Print application starts it will check for the existence of several programs. On Windows XP 64bit machines the XPS Essentials pack will install to C:\Windows\System32\ by default. Due to limitations with Windows XP 64bit, we are unable to properly interrogate this location as Windows XP 64bit is expecting the XPS Essentials pack to be installed to C:\Windows\SysWoW64\.

To resolve this, you can copy the following files from the C:\Windows\System32\ directory to the C:\Windows\SysWoW64\ directory and restart the PaperCut Web Print application.


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