How to identify which programs are accessing a port

PaperCut typically requires access to ports 9191 and 9192, and will check whether these are available upon installation. Occasionally some other program may be utilising these ports - especially instant messaging and peer-to-peer filesharing applications, which can reserve large port ranges.

We require that you free these ports before installation can continue.

Checking port usage on Windows

You can use Windows netstat command to identify which processes are utilizing a port.

eg. at the Command Prompt (as administrator)

  netstat -bano

or, to search for a specific port

  netstat -ano | findstr “9191”

Process IDs can then be matched up with those in Windows Task Manager.

Further troubleshooting

If the PaperCut Application Server web interface wont load, then this KB article may be useful: PaperCut Web Interface Wont Load

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