Browser Cannot Connect to Administrator Web Interface

Q I am unable to connect to the PaperCut web interface. The browser reports a connection problem, or “The page cannot be displayed”. How do I fix this?

The PaperCut NG Application Server is the component of PaperCut that provides the browser interface, database management, and centralized application logic. The Application Server component is a “Service” and is designed to start automatically on system boot. If the browser is reporting a connection error, please check the following:

1) Ensure that any firewall software on the server is not blocking traffic to port 9191 and 9192.
2) If you are accessing the web interface as “localhost”, please ensure that “localhost” resolves to Type “ping localhost” at a command prompt to verify. Some newer Windows installations come without the default mapping or map to an Ipv6 address. Configure the mapping in the system file c:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts or access the web interface using the IP address
3) If you have recently started the server or restarted the PaperCut Application Server Service, wait up to 30 seconds. The server can often take a few moments to start and initialize depending to the tasks that need to be accomplished.
4) If the problem continues after a reboot, check the log files for errors. Depending on the platform, the following log files may be of use:
These files may contain a message explain the cause of the problem and how to fix it.
5) A customer recently experienced some issues with PaperCut, the symptoms were very slow or inconsistent Client popups as well as not all print jobs were being tracked and the Admin interface was not always available PaperCut’s logs would show multiple entries of the following message:
Timeout connecting to
unable to establish TCP connection
In simple terms PaperCut is trying to work and monitor print jobs but something is stopping it. After some further investigations it was discovered that PaperCut had been installed on the same server as two other print monitoring applications. Depending upon which of the three applications services started up first from a reboot meant that the other two applications had issues.
In summary – Please do not install PaperCut on the same system as “alternative” solutions. If you need to demo PaperCut then install PaperCut in a test environment, at the very least disable the other solutions services first. Alternatively check out our live demo Live Demo
If problems continue, please email our support team for assistance. Please attach a copy of the logs referenced above.

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