Virtual Queue Issues

Print Jobs are Released from a Virtual Print Queue, but Nothing is Printed

Whilst you may be standing at an MFD, and able to see your print jobs that are held in a virtual queue, when you attempt to release them (perhaps after logging in to an MFD), the print jobs may disappear from the queue without actually being physically printed.

There can be a few reasons why this may happen;

Firstly, it’s good to check the actual print queues on your Print Server(s) to see if there are any ‘stuck’ (error) print jobs in those queues - check both the virtual queue, and the queues for the physical printers. If you find any stuck jobs, delete them out of the queue and see if this resolves your issue.

It’s also good to go onto the PaperCut Admin Interface and check the Virtual Printer, to ensure that all of the relevant Output Queues (Printers) have been selected as Destination Queues - if the MFD that you’re standing at hasn’t been selected as a Destination Queue for the Virtual Printer, then your print jobs will not come out.

Also check the Devices section of PaperCut, to ensure that each Device has got its Source Queues and Output Queues configured correctly. If the Device (MFD) you’re standing at hasn’t got its Output Queue(s) set correctly, then your print jobs will not come out, or they may even be being printed at another MFD!

Sometimes there are also settings that need to be configured on the physical device itself, to enable it to work correctly with Virtual Printers - feel free to log a ticket with us to discuss this! (

Similarly there is configuration on printer drivers that can cause print jobs not to be released from Virtual Printers - again, give us a nudge if you want to discuss this further! (

Have a look here if you’d like some more detail on how to setup Virtual Printers correctly on your Server.

Print Job Options are Ignored on Virtual Print Queues

When you choose to print multiple copies, duplex or other options on a print job sent to a virtual queue, the print job might print without these options, i.e. single copy, single-sided etc.

This is a problem of Windows’ own print data format, EMF, interfering with the operation of a virtual queue. The solution is to disable the “Enable Advanced Printing Features” option on the virtual queue as described here: Disabling Advanced Printing Features

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