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Setup Find-Me Printing on Multiple Operating Systems



You may have duplicate print queues for different print server operating systems, and wish to be able to release print jobs from both queues at a single device. Perhaps because you have setup Mac and Windows print servers to support multiple client operating systems (or you want to setup iOS printing printing in a Windows environment). If you wish to release jobs sent to both queues as part of a Find-Me solution then you need to have print queues configured on both servers that are pointing to the same physical device, and then follow the steps below:

  1. Create a Find-Me print environment by following the steps here, creating a new virtual queue and destination queues on the primary print server (for this example this would be a Windows print server)
  2. Duplicate the Find-Me setup on your secondary print server (typically running a different server operating system, such as macOS in this example), installing a PaperCut MF Secondary Server on it so the replica print queues are being monitored by PaperCut MF
  3. Within the PaperCut MF administration console, select the chosen MFD under the Devices tab and enable the Print Release option
  4. Under This device will display jobs for release from the selected source queues: option select both the Windows virtual queue and the macOS virtual queue
  5. Click to Enable find me printing support
  6. In the When released, jobs will be redirected to: drop down and choose This device (multiple queues to support different operating systems)
  7. In the Select the destination queue: box select the print queues from both the Windows and macOS print servers that correspond to this device (where possible, PaperCut MF will recommend print queues which appear to point to the device under a Suggested heading)

Once that is done any print jobs sent from macOS or Windows clients to their respective virtual queues will be able to be released from the same MFD. These steps are needed where you have a mixed operating system print server environment.

Categories: How-to Articles , Find Me Printing

Keywords: secure printing , secure print release , find-me printing , cross server redirection , multi-os , multi os , windows and mac find me , fm2os , mf-only


Last updated March 15, 2024