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The Enable Advanced Printing Features option changes how and where documents are transformed into the native print language. If this option is turned off, documents will spool in RAW format (e.g. Postscript, PCL, or the printer’s native language), allowing PaperCut to count pages and detect other job attributes such as duplex, grayscale, etc. by analyzing the data directly rather than relying on the count reported by the driver. Some printers will account more accurately after making this change. To force clients (workstations) to spool documents in RAW format, perform the following steps on the server (not the workstations):

  1. On the print server, Start→Settings→Printers
  2. Right-click on the printer and select Properties…
  3. Select the Advanced Tab
  4. Turn off (disable) the Enable advanced printing features
  5. Test your printing and ensure logging is continuing as normal

You can read more about this setting on the Microsoft website at:

The option use to be called Always spool in RAW in Windows versions prior to Windows 2000 and internally in the registry. (ed note: IMHO This was a more appropriate name, but Microsoft must have decided that it sounded to technical for home users so have dumbed it down to “Advanced Features”!). It is also sometimes referred to as server-side vs. client-side rendering.

One other added benefit of this change is that rendering load is transferred from the server to the client (clients render the jobs into PostScript/PCL rather than the server), and hence this reduces the load on the server. It also reduced the probability of a spooler crash on the server. Because the server does not participate in rendering, a “buggy driver” will not crash at the server level. Instead any problems are only observed on a single workstation.

Client-side vs. server-side rendering is transparent to the end-user. This setting can be changed without the need for a server restart for it to be affective.

Special Note For Microsoft Clusters: To edit/change this setting on a cluster server, open Windows Explorer and navigate to \\<cluster virtual server name>\Printers and Faxes then right-click on the printer and select Properties....

Please note: This option is grayed out when using Type 4 drivers or XPS print driver.

HP Printers

PaperCut support has found that in some cases where print jobs become stuck in a print queue with no “Job Status” can be resolved by unchecking the “Enable Bidirectional Support” option on the print queue.

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