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Note that you will need to obtain a license for the Online Payment Gateway type that you require, before you’ll be able to install and configure the Payment Gateway. This needs to be obtained from the Online Payment Gateway vendor, not through PaperCut.

Step 1: Purchase an updated License file

If you’re a PaperCut NG customer, you can use the PaperCut NG Online Orders page in order to add a Payment Gateway component to your current license, or purchase a new license with the Payment Gateway component.
If you’re a PaperCut MF customer, you’ll need to contact your Authorized Solution Center for a quote and an updated license file.

Step 2: Download and install the Payment Gateway Module

Note: PaperCut version 16.2 and above are not compatible with older versions of the PaperCut Payment Gateway Module. You should upgrade to the latest version:
Instructions for downloading and installing the Payment Gateway Module can be found here:
Payment Gateway Module - Manual.
Note: Customers using PaperCut 16.1 or earlier should use a previous version of the Payment Gateway software as explained here.

Step 3: Configure the specific Payment Gateway required

Download the configuration guides for your specific Payment Gateway (e.g. PayPal / Blackboard etc).

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