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The PaperCut ecosystem


This page describes the PaperCut ecosystem and details the level of support and services provided by each part of that model. All resellers within the PaperCut ecosystem have staff certified in the technical, marketing, and licensing aspects of selling and supporting PaperCut. These resellers also have access to continually updated marketing and technical resources from PaperCut Software.

Note: PaperCut MF and PaperCut Hive are sold, supported, and provided solely through our PaperCut Channel. All other PaperCut products can be sold, supported, and provided through the PaperCut Channel as well.

PaperCut Customers

  • Are the exclusive owners of PaperCut end-user licenses.
  • Can range from a five-person legal office with a single multifunction device (MFD), to entire school districts or multinational corporations with hundreds of thousands of users, and thousands of MFDs.
  • Will generally rely on their PaperCut-certified reseller as the first point of contact for sales and technical support.
  • Can reach out to  PaperCut directly for questions pertaining to PaperCut NG, PaperCut Pocket, our free products, or when in need of assistance connecting with their PaperCut reseller.

PaperCut Resellers

  • Are typically copier manufacturers, IT consulting companies, copier dealers, managed print service providers, or software resellers.
  • Have the skills and experience to propose, deploy, and support configurations anywhere from large universities and hospitals to small professional offices. They can provide potential training, offer full turnkey support, or engage at any technical level that you require.
  • Typically provide PaperCut Solutions paired with suitable multifunction devices from one or more manufacturers.
  • Offer a range of value-added services related to implementation and ongoing maintenance that may be supported by an Authorized Partner.
  • Have the pricing available for PaperCut MF and Hive and can provide pricing for all of our other products as well.

Check out our Join PaperCut’s reseller network page if you’re interested in becoming a PaperCut reseller!

PaperCut Authorized Partners

  • PaperCut engages with a network of certified Authorized Partners to give resellers the best print management solution for the customer. Authorized Partners act as an extension of PaperCut, and represent PaperCut in various regions around the world.
  • Authorized Partners provide training, technical pre-sales guidance, installation and project management services along with systems integration, third-party terminal hardware, and reseller technical support. They are vendor neutral and do not sell MFDs or printers.
  • They share PaperCut Software’s values of being customer-focused, tailoring solutions to suit the requirements of each customer rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Have access to all PaperCut-created materials and tools, as well as create their own documents, presentations, and content, to sell and support PaperCut to our Resellers.


  • Develops PaperCut software and continually improves and supports the core product.
  • Is always available to assist with technical or licensing questions regarding PaperCut NG, PaperCut Pocket and our free products. In the case of PaperCut MF and Hive, we will seek to ensure customer queries are initially directed to the appropriate Channel Partner (Authorized Partner or Reseller) to make sure the best fix and support is provided.
  • Regularly adds features and functionality to PaperCut based on feedback from customers, resellers, and Authorized Partners. Releases new minor versions approximately every six to eight weeks and a new major version approximately every twelve months.
  • Manages the industry-leading worldwide network of organizations that sell and support PaperCut directly to customers.

Ecosystem overview video

Here is a great video that introduces our PaperCut ecosystem:

If you have any questions you can reach us through the Customer Care Contact Form.

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Last updated November 22, 2023