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Q Why doesn’t logging into the User Web Tools as an Admin always work?

There are several addresses that PaperCut commonly uses, in order they are:

  • http://papercutserver:9191/admin (admin login to management functions) (lost the admin password?)
  • http://papercutserver:9191/user (end-user login so users can review their own print activity, etc.)
  • http://papercutserver:9191/central-reports (central reports login)
  • http://papercutserver:9191/webcashier (admin login for the Web Cashier module)
  • http://papercutserver:9191/release (admin login for release functionality)

If you load the /admin page, and login as a normal user, you will be redirected to the /user page. If you’re an admin and a user and login to /user, you will NOT be redirected to the /admin screen as we assume you’re after your user information.

If you are trying to login via http://papercutserver:9191/app we will take a ‘best guess’ at which screen to log you into. If your last login was a /user login, we’ll take you back there, if you haven’t logged in before it will be /admin.

Also to note, if you click the link in the PaperCut User Client, this takes you to the user screens. You will simply need to modify the URL to read /admin instead.

Q I’ve tried the /admin URL but I’m still only seeing the User web page view, what now?

Try logging in with the default built-in account of ‘admin’ as the username (no quotes). That will log you in as the built-in admin account, so should give you full admin access - you can then check the other account that you were trying to log in with to see if that account has Admin level access granted.

Video on how to login to /admin and /user interface is available from here:

If you’re unable to remember the password for the built-in ‘admin’ account, you can reset it.

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