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Running the PaperCut Pay Station Software on 64-bit Windows


The PaperCut Pay Station software allows users to pay cash/card/external amounts into their PaperCut account and/or to pay directly for print jobs. This software should work out-of-the box on Windows 32-bit systems, as well as Linux systems (if you would like to run the software on a Mac please contact support for assistance). Windows 64-bit systems will require some quick modifications.

1. Install a 64-bit Java Runtime Environment (JRE):

On the system that will be running the Pay Station software, please download and install the latest 64-bit JRE for Windows from

2. Download the 64-bit serial communication library DLL “RxTx”:

Download (this file is part of the RxTx project and licensed under the LGPL.

Unzip this file into [app-path]/release/lib/ on the system running the Pay Station software, overwriting the existing rxtxSerial.dll file.

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Last updated January 8, 2020