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API Certification (for selected APIs)



PaperCut has a number of APIs available which expose various parts of the product for integration and extension. They are listed at

External System and Integration APIs

Information regarding PaperCut’s Certified Integration Technology program, to which these APIs are subject, is also available.

Four of these APIs:

  • Standalone Cash Loader and Kiosk API
  • Vending API in the Release Station and Pay Station
  • Copier Terminal and Controller API
  • Outbound External Account API (Advanced)

require PaperCut certification and the purpose of this article is to help you understand what that involves.

Purpose of certification:

PaperCut considers that the quality of the customer’s experience is the most important measure of what we do. Where using a specific API that might impact the total user experience we want to make sure that our deep knowledge of the product architecture and the way PaperCut is used in real life is leveraged to make sure that users have the best possible experience.

Certification Process:

  • Contact PaperCut and discuss the business case for your development and the scope of the work you intend to implement
  • After agreement with PaperCut implement your solution
  • If relevant make sure your solution can pass PaperCut’s embedded devices test cases. See External Device Test Cases for details
  • Supply PaperCut with sufficient software and hardware to test your solution and be prepared to maintain a conversation during the certification process. Normally this will take 1–2 weeks, but depends on the solution and the current workload
  • Identify a mutual customer who is prepared to implement the solution on a “early access” basis.
  • Provide PaperCut with a signed and completed Early Access form from the customer (see BetaTestingProgram for details)
  • Liaise with PaperCut to manage licensing, problem reporting and remediation.

After a satisfactory testing and early access exercise PaperCut will provide certification. This includes:

  • If relevant the addition of new device types and licence options in the standard product
  • At PaperCut’s discretion inclusion of your product on our website as a supported solution
  • Details of your product may be included in PaperCut’s next reseller newsletter at PaperCut’s discretion.

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Last updated February 15, 2024