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Certified Integration Technology


PaperCut Software works with many technology vendors to allow joint solution offerings involving certified hardware and software solutions. Many of these integrations are worked on at a deep level and leverage PaperCut’s Application Programming Interfaces. To ensure the quality of these solutions, PaperCut Software tests and certifies each integration. The purpose of this page is to detail the certification process and its purpose and benefits for customers, resellers and integration partners.

Please note: This article does not apply to PaperCut MF embedded solutions; these are developed in-house by PaperCut Software and are a part of the core product.

What types of integrated technology are certified?

Integrated technologies can range from hardware through to software or serviced solutions. Some common examples include:

  • Hardware copier terminals - for MFDs that don’t support embedded solutions
  • Hardware cash-loaders
  • Pay-and-release stations and/or kiosks
  • Payment gateways developed by 3rd parties (hardware/software/online)
  • Job submission solutions (e.g. pre-print queue software)
  • Mobile printing software

The following technologies are examples of those not directly related to PaperCut, do not utilize PaperCut APIs and hence are not part of the Certified Integration Technology program:

  • Server or workstation operating systems and hardware that PaperCut is installed on
  • Identity cards and dispensers
  • Stored value card readers that do not directly interface with PaperCut
  • Coinboxes that do not directly interface with PaperCut

Why are integrated technologies certified?

PaperCut Software maintains a high level of quality for our own software, and wish to ensure that this level of quality is upheld by any third-party component. Many of the integrations are built using low-level PaperCut APIs; if incorrectly implemented, problems can include accounting irregularities, system downtime or security risks. A structured review process involving multiple parties ensures high quality results and mitigates potential risks.

How can I confirm that an integrated technology is certified?

PaperCut Software issues a PaperCut Certified Integration Technology badge/logo to certified integrations. Products and solutions that display this logo (on the product’s webpage, the product itself, or marketing material) have satisfied the requirements of the certification program. You can always confirm the certification status of any solution by contacting PaperCut Software.

I have a particular technology I would like to integrate with PaperCut; what do I need to do?

Contact PaperCut support with a business case that at least covers the following:

  • Indicate which PaperCut APIs that you believe are relevant to your integration
  • Do you have an immediate opportunity/customer that is driving your request?
  • Have you performed integrations with other 3rd parties before?
  • What is the ongoing opportunity involved with this integration? Please include details pertaining to region and market segment.
  • What additional level of technical assistance do you feel will be required to ensure your project is successful?
  • What are your support arrangements? Please provide an indication of your ability to support your solution and its integration in a changing IT landscape.

Why should I build an integration technology that is certified by PaperCut Software?

Engaging with PaperCut Software’s Certified Integration Technology program means that you receive the assistance from the team who created the software that you’re attempting to build a solution with. This team includes developers, testers, project managers and marketing/sales personnel. Your integration is reviewed and supported from all angles, and when it is brought to market is backed by PaperCut Software’s brand and market influence.

As a Certified Integration Technology, your product is promoted to customers and the reseller channel, expanding and diversifying your potential sales base to tens of thousands of existing customers in over a hundred countries. You will be kept informed of potential changes in PaperCut’s technology stack and invited to provide input to maximise opportunities and minimise risk for both products.

Who supports certified integrated technologies?

Like most IT projects with multiple vendors involved, often the responsibility of support is shared across multiple parties based on the specific support request. Part of the PaperCut certification program is to ensure that the 3rd party is aware of support responsibilities and the delineation between systems (e.g. vendor’s hardware terminal and PaperCut software).

PaperCut Software is always available to support the customer and engage 3rd parties as appropriate. In many cases, an Authorized Solution Center is trained and certified in both the integrated technologies they provide and PaperCut software. This places ASCs in the best position to directly support all aspects of an integration technology solution.

What does the certification process involve for an integrated technology?

The certification process varies from technology to technology. Typically it will involve a functional or code review, along with structured test cases such as those outlined here. The test cases are usually outlined early in the integration planning. Certification process details specific to solutions involving certain PaperCut APIs can be found here.

As a customer or reseller, why should I select certified integrated technologies?

Certified technologies are subject to review by the PaperCut Software development team, who hold these technologies to the same standards as in-house developed solutions. This means that we can assist in supporting implementations involving them, and that they can be purchased with a higher degree of confidence than non-certified solutions.

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Last updated February 15, 2024