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The following knowledge base articles describe script-based approaches to configuring printers on workstations. The articles are technical and are intended for use by network/system administrators.

For Windows workstations:

  1. Deploying printers using Group Policy ( (for Windows Active Directory environments)
  2. How to manage printers in an education environment using login scripts and other methods
  3. A script using con2prt.exe to map network printers based on physical location.
  4. Adding printers with a location adaptive login script.
  5. Adding printers globally so they are available to all users.
  6. A location adaptive VBScript example using Wscript.Network

For Mac workstations:

  1. “Mac Printing in Detail” chapter of the PaperCut user manual (discusses deploying print queues to Mac workstations that are hosted on either Windows or Mac servers)

Let us know if you would like to share your own configuration methods.

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Keywords: client, mapping, printer deployment, scripting printer addition


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