Tracking Printer Trays

PaperCut is not able to detect different tray selections (unless they are loaded with different paper sizes). At a technical level this is very difficult as each driver implements tray selection using different methods - there is no one standard. We may consider tray selection as a future feature on selected popular printer models, however in the meantime consider the options presented below.

The main reason for needing to track at the printer-tray level is to charge different amounts for special paper such as transparencies and/or photo quality paper. There are two possible options to archive this objective within the current functionality:

  1. Businesses running PaperCut ChargeBack can consider using the Charge Rates feature.
  2. Use multiple-physical print queues with different default tray selections (see below).

Tray rates using multiple queues:

Charging different amounts for different trays can be achieved by implementing multiple print queues that map to the same physical printer. Each logical print queue has a different default tray and the tray selection settings is restricted so it can’t be changed by end users. For example:

  • Printer XYZ Standard Paper (locked default to Tray 1)
  • Printer XYZ Transparency (locked default to Tray 2)

Then it is possible to set different costs on the logical printers (representing trays) inside PaperCut.

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