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“Our organization is interested in using SNMPv3 exclusively as it is regarded as more secure than older versions. Does PaperCut support this protocol?”

What is SNMPv3?

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) makes it easy for administrators to scan their network and discover what devices are connected, and in the case of printers find out details like model, serial number, and toner levels.

Older versions of SNMP, including SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 require the device and server to use a shared secret called a “community string” in order to communicate. However because the same community string is configured on every device, a hacker would only need to guess one password to obtain a lot of information about devices on the network.

SNMPv3 on the other hand requires a username and password in addition to the community string, adding an additional layer of security.

However, before assuming that SNMPv3 is best you should note that there is one big caveat. Be aware that the Windows Print Spooler only uses SNMPv1/2 to obtain information about printer statuses.* This means that if your organization disabled SNMPv1/2 on your printers, then you would miss out on SNMP statuses in Windows (such as “paper jam”, “out of paper”, “toner/ink low”, “door open”, etc…) from your printers. Read this for more information.

How does PaperCut work with SNMPv3?

PaperCut makes use of SNMP in multiple areas of the application. Where appropriate we make use of SNMPv3, however for information such as toner levels, printer serial numbers we use the SNMPv2 protocol.

If an organization only allows the use of SNMPv3 then the following features of PaperCut will not be available:

For PaperCut MF customers, some Toshiba and Xerox copiers can not be configured to use PaperCut due to the use of SNMPv2.

Still have questions?

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