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Setting up RIP devices


Q Can jobs instigated by the RIP be tracked by PaperCut?

Some RIPs have the ability to re-send, proof, or edit jobs directly on the RIP. These jobs, because they don’t pass via the server will not be tracked by PaperCut. There are two options depending on the type of RIP:

  1. If the device is a Fiery RIP, PaperCut has worked with EFI to develop a program to assist in integration between the two systems. Please see Tracking jobs printed from a Fiery using PaperCut .
  2. On other devices, you may need to consider manual cost allocation. This is explained in some more detail below.

Manual Allocation

Sites conducting this type of proof → print procedure in a RIP environment may like to consider using the manager mode popup to manually allocate costs. The manager mode popup will trigger/display when the proof is printed to the PC. The popup can then be filled in to assign extra costs/functions that will be applied at the RIP layer such as:

  • The copies or final number of non-proof prints
  • Color changes
  • Cover pages
  • Finishing options such as stapling, binding, etc.
  • Manual tasks such as delivery, post, etc.

Q I have a RIP device. How can I use PaperCut to track printing via the RIP?

The key is to set up the RIP between the server running PaperCut and the physical printer. The job will move from the workstation to the server (running PaperCut) via the server’s shared queues. The server then directs the job to the RIP which in turn directs the job to the physical printer.

WorkstationPrint ServerRIPPrinter

Setting up a RIP device for use with PaperCut generally involves the following steps:

  1. On the server where PaperCut is installed, set up a printer/RIP driver and configure it to point the RIP. Test printing directly on the server first before continuing to the next step.
  2. Share this print queue so that workstations on the network can access it
  3. Configure all workstations to print to the share (and not directly to the RIP)

PaperCut can then audit and control access to the print queue(s). Once the job is spooled to the server, the job will be forwarded to the RIP device, which in turn forwards them to the physical printer. Note that any job manipulation carried out on the RIP (cancellation, duplication, partial printing) will not be reflected in PaperCut as the job has already been tracked and charged.

Also see: Tracking jobs printed from a Fiery using PaperCut

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Last updated July 5, 2023