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Using a Fiery in a digital print press environment provides enhanced image and color quality along with productivity benefits. Managing production print with PaperCut allows Fiery customers to allocate cost with Fiery tracking and reporting. Administrators can now limit unnecessary printing and encourage positive user behaviour to enable Fiery cost recovery.

Unlike most printers, devices fitted with Fiery servers or controllers have the ability to hold and reprint jobs and manage the print job settings after PaperCut has analyzed the job on the print server.

As PaperCut logs print jobs at the server, rather than when the Fiery is used to modify, proof or otherwise reprint the job, a custom program is needed to integrate PaperCut to track print jobs released from Fiery servers/controllers.

PaperCut has developed this feature that checks Fiery print logs and updates PaperCut with the jobs that are reprinted. It uses APIs from both PaperCut and those similar to Command Workstation to communicate with Fiery and track those jobs.

Currently with support for Windows the program enables connection to a PaperCut server and multiple Fiery devices over the network. It checks all the Fiery job logs regularly and updates the PaperCut server with any new jobs it finds.


You can download the PaperCut Fiery program here:

These zip files contain a README.txt (Windows) or README.mac (Mac) file that describes how to install this program, and connect it to PaperCut and one or more Fiery command workstations.

Release History

  • 21st August 2017 - Updated the Windows program for connecting to more recent Fiery controllers which require more recent SSL protocols. Previous fiery binary would result in an error: “[errno 8] _ssl.c:504: EOF occurred in violation of protocol” N.B. If you need an updated version of the package for mac, please contact us and quote Issue PC-12155.


If you’re having issues configuring the Fiery setup with PaperCut - have a look over on the Troubleshooting Fiery page for some troubleshooting tips.

Otherwise if you’re still seeing issues after that, have a chat with us!

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