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Troubleshooting the PaperCut Fiery Program


If you are using Fiery devices and are using PaperCut to Track Jobs on Fiery, and you’re running into issues, this is hopefully a useful set of troubleshooting steps to try and remedy the problem.

How to enable debug mode (when requested by Support)

Run the following command line for each of your Fierys. The -y option will perform a dry run. It will read job records from the Fiery but not write those records to PaperCut, so it is useful to check if the tool works with a particular Fiery. The -d option is useful for troubleshooting to capture debug-level log messages. Remember that these switches are case sensitive, and you can also run fiery_papercut.exe -h (-h for help of course) to display information about all the available switches.

Fiery Dry Run (no jobs will be recorded in PaperCut):

./fiery_papercut -S <fiery ip> -U <fiery user> -P <fiery password> -y

Fiery Debug Mode (enables verbose logging):

./fiery_papercut -L -S <fiery ip> -U <fiery user> -P <fiery password>

Log information will be written to the papercut.fiery.log file in the same directory as the fiery_papercut executable.

More information about the command line options can be found in the README file included in the fiery download from the Tracking Jobs on Fiery page.

Invalid Authentication Token Supplied Error

If you see an error like this in the papercut.fiery.log file:

ERROR: setConfigValue failed: key=Fiery.claim,val=cNsa+ReVWaLsQXe2dKQ/a,self={'uid': 'cNsa+ReVWaLsQXe2dKQ/a', 'auth_token': '1234', 'port': 9191, 'connected': False, 'host_name': 'localhost', 'server': <ServerProxy for localhost:9191/rpc/api/xmlrpc>, 'account_name': 'Fiery.account'},exception=<Fault 0: 'java.lang.Exception: Invalid authentication token supplied'>

This means that incorrect credentials for the PaperCut server’s admin account were not supplied. Make sure when you run the fiery_papercut.exe the value for the “-p” switch is the correct password for the PaperCut admin account.

401 Invalid Username or Password Error

If you see an error like this in the papercut.fiery.log file:

ERROR: FieryConnection:url='',status=401,description='login failed: http code=401' 
INFO: Attempted to login to 10 Fierys. 9 succeeded, 1 failed 
INFO: Failures=[{'url': '', 'status_code': 401, 'failure': ' login failed: '''http code=401'''', 'session': <requests.sessions.Session object at 0x021610B0>,'connected': False, 'fiery': {'username': 'admin', 'ip': '', 'password': 'Fiery.1'},'session_cookie': None}]

This means that incorrect credentials for the Fiery are being used. Make sure the correct admin username and password for the Fiery are being used. Test by attempting to log into the web interface of the Fiery with those credentials.

404 Server Not Found

If you see an error like this in the papercut.fiery.log file:

ERROR: FieryConnection:url='',status=404,description='login failed: http code=404'
INFO: Attempted to login to 1 Fierys. 0 succeeded, 1 failed

We’ve seen this happen when the tool is configured to point at the wrong IP address. Double-check that you have the right IP address configured for your Fiery.

503 Service Unavailable Error

If you see an error like this in the papercut.fiery.log file:

ERROR: FieryConnection:url='',status=503,description='login failed: http code=503'
INFO: Attempted to login to 1 Fierys. 0 succeeded, 1 failed
INFO: Failures=[{'url': '', 'status_code': 503, 'failure': 'login failed: http code=503', 'session': <requests.sessions.Session object at 0x0000000002E6F3C8>, 'connected': False, 'fiery': {'username': 'Administrator', 'ip': '', 'password': 'Fiery.1'}, 'session_cookie': None}]

PaperCut uses the Fiery REST APIS that are published by the Fiery controllers on the “live” URL. If this service is not running then the PaperCut server will not be able to connect successfully.

To resolve, ensure that the Fiery is a Fiery system FS100 or later. Also, if you have a Windows Fiery System 9 Rel2 or later then you must download “Fiery Extended Applications Package 4.0” from , or contact EFI if the download is not available in your region.

Here’s how you can check the Fiery version and make sure that the Live URL is running and accessible:

  • Make sure you can browse to the live URL https://<fiery-IP-address>/live. If you don’t get a response from this address, make sure that you have the EFI Extended Applications Package installed on the Fiery workstation. Contact EFI, or check their website to download ‘Fiery Extended Applications Package 4.0’ or later.

  • Make sure you can browse to the status URL, https://<fiery-IP-address>/live/status

  • You can also check the version by browsing to https://<fiery-IP-address>/live/version. The output will look something like this:

    FIERY STATUS: {"fiery":"running"}

Resetting the Fiery Logging in PaperCut

Is something not working correctly with PaperCut logging jobs from Fierys? Want to start afresh? Follow these steps to clear out the current configuration and start over:

  1. Back up your PaperCut database by going Options > Backups > Export now. .
  2. Open the Advanced Config Editor in PaperCut by going to Options > Advanced > Config Editor. Then type “fiery”.
  3. Remove any config keys containing “fiery” including:
    • fiery.claim
    • fiery.list
    • fiery\:<ip-address>
  4. ​Choose Update at the bottom of the page to apply the change.
  5. Delete or rename the fiery.log file found in the PaperCut Fiery Tool folder.
  6. Rename the existing PaperCut Fiery shared account to something different, like “fiery.account.old”. Then create a new Shared Account called “fiery.account”.
  7. Restart the PaperCut Fiery Tool and check to see whether new jobs are appearing in the logs.

Still have questions or find an error that’s not listed on this page?

Let us know! We love chatting about what’s going on under the hood. Feel free to leave a comment below or visit our Support Portal for further assistance.


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Last updated June 13, 2024