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PaperCut will run on Novell OES Linux but not OES NetWare. Unfortunately the NetWare kernel is too old to support PaperCut (we’ll we just call it too “traditional UNIX” to be nice!). Organizations that are currently running NetWare are however able to easily deploy PaperCut. We suggest setting up a separate OES Linux server (or VM) and use this to host the print queues and PaperCut. That way the impact is minimal as your file and directory services can remain on your existing server, and it’s just the print queues that move across to the new OES Linux system. Another advantage of this strategy is that it gives you an opportunity to cut your teeth on Novell’s newest platform!

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keywords: Novell print control, OES Netwear


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Article last modified on February 07, 2011, at 12:13 AM
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