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A network load balancer helps to effectively spread the load of incoming requests across multiple servers sitting behind the load balancer. This provides two effective benefits when applied.

Benefit 1: This allows incoming requests to be easily split across multiple servers and allows a Systems Administrator an easy method to increase load capabilities simply by adding additional print servers.

Benefit 2: If one of the print servers fail behind a load balancer the users will be able to continue printing as the jobs will be redirected to the remaining active print servers.

We have identified an issue when running Mobility Print behind a Network Load Balancer. There’s a problem with Windows clients not being able to print after they have been redirected to a different server from the one they were originally connected to. This is due to the security token that was created on the server when the queue was initially configured.

In order to rectify this issue, follow these steps:

1. Stop the Mobility Print services on all the Servers that have Mobility Print installed.
2. Obtain a copy of the auth.jwt.key file from one of the backend servers. This is located in the [Mobility Print install folder]\data\config
3. On the other Mobility Print servers:
a. Rename the auth.jwt.key file to auth.jwt.key_old
b. Copy the file obtained from step 2 into the data\config folder on each Mobility Print server.
c. In the same folder on all Mobility Print servers you will find a dns.conf.toml file.
d. Open this file with Notepad.
e. Find the entry Accessible IP=“ ”
f. In between the quotation marks enter the IP address of the Network Load Balancer.
g. Save the file.
h. Repeat this step on all Mobility Print servers in use.
4. Restart the Mobility Print services on all Mobility Print servers.
5. Get the users to remap their Windows Mobility Print queues, as their tokens will now likely be invalid.
6. Test. The clients should now be able to successfully deliver print jobs to all print servers behind the Network Load Balancer.

For more information, check out the Network Load Balancing page and the Mobility Print Help Center.

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